So I have kind of been dragging my feet for the last week or so with the script (which has been half the reason I’ve posted a few hours late a time or two). I’ve been looking forward to the next chapter for a while and have been fleshing it out in my spare time. The ending of this chapter had been bugging me though. I knew where I wanted them to end up, and the main events of each page up to Wednesday, but I hadn’t found a good way to really make the climax stand out from the rest of the chapter. I finally found that Wednesday afternoon 🙂 Of course it threw a big monkey wrench in the plans I had for today’s script. I don’t want to give any spoilers but basically the twist that starts in the last panel made it really hard to get from the point A to the point B I had before. It took a good 14 hours and looks nothing close to a straight line, but I finally managed to fix the problem.