This page involved making a lot of changes. Some to the writing part which mostly showed up elsewhere, and some of the art. The most obvious of course is that the main character’s hair style changed. That’s right she has a lock of hair loose on the right side. I know that it got knocked out in the comic and she could easily put it back. But she won’t. That’s right I decided to change her hair style and just used this strip to do so. Even better yet I planned on changing it the whole time, and most certainly wasn’t bullied into it by her. A few of you might also have noticed that I changed the format of the comic too. I originally wanted to do a more classic newspaper strip but it meant I had to make the comic really small and since each original drawing is usually somewhere around 7”x10” to let me get the details right it was no extra work to make the comic bigger. So I flipped it around and now it should be easier to read. You will have to scroll down of course but if you reading this you already figured that out. Last and least I changed the figure I was modeling the main character off of to make it a tad less realistic since I was doing the fecal expressions more cartoonish and didn’t want to fall into the uncanny valley. Tell me what you think of the changes, the jokes, or anything really. There aren’t a lot of people here in the middle of nowhere to talk to.